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How to Become a Certified CPR First Aid Instructor with AHA

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid are crucial life-saving skills that can make a significant difference in emergencies. If you have a passion for teaching and empowering others to save lives, becoming a certified CPR First Aid Instructor with the American Heart Association (AHA) in Austin, TX, can be a rewarding career path. AHA is a globally recognized leader in CPR, and First Aid training, and their instructor certification program equips you with the knowledge and expertise to teach these essential skills with confidence and competence.

Step 1: Get Certified in CPR and First Aid

Before pursuing an instructor certification, ensure that you are already certified in CPR and First Aid. AHA offers variousCPR and First Aid certifications inAustin, TX, catering to different skill levels and disciplines. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a community member, obtaining your CPR and First Aid certification is the first step towards becoming an instructor.

Step 2: Find an AHA Training Center

To get CPR First Aid Instructor certification from AHA, you'll need to contact Queen of Hearts CPR your local AHA Training Center. Our training center offer the Instructor courses and provide the necessary resources and support throughout the certification process.

Step 3: Enroll in the AHA Instructor Course

Now that you have identified Queen of Hearts CPR as your AHA Training Center, enroll in the AHA Instructor Course. The course is designed to equip you with the necessary teaching skills, techniques, and materials to effectively teach CPR and First Aid to others.

Step 4: Complete the AHA Instructor Essentials Online Course

Before attending the in-person instructor course, you will need to complete the AHA Instructor Essentials Online Course. This online component covers essential information and concepts that serve as the foundation for the in-person training. It includes topics such as the AHA's mission, core competencies, and the science behind CPR and First Aid.

Step 5: Attend the In-Person Instructor Course

The in-person instructor course is an interactive and hands-on training session conducted by certified AHA Faculty. During this course, you will participate in skill stations, practice teaching scenarios, and receive feedback from experienced instructors. The course focuses on honing your teaching abilities, building confidence, and ensuring you are well-prepared to deliver high-quality CPR and First Aid training.

Step 6: Successfully Demonstrate Teaching Skills

To complete the instructor certification process, you will need to demonstrate your teaching skills by successfully leading a CPR and First Aid course under the guidance of an AHA Training Center Faculty. This demonstration allows you to put your newly acquired teaching techniques into practice and receive valuable feedback to enhance your instructional abilities.

Step 7: Receive Your AHA CPR First Aid Instructor Certification

After successfully completing all requirements, you will receive your official AHA CPR First Aid Instructor Certification. This certification is valid for two years and can be renewed through regular updates and ongoing professional development activities.

Empower Your Community: Become a Certified CPR First Aid Instructor

Become a Certified CPR First Aid Instructor with AHA! Join Queen of Hearts CPR in Austin, TX, and empower your community with life-saving skills. AHA offers comprehensive training, adhering to the latest guidelines and best practices. Enroll now and be part of a globally recognized leader in CPR and First Aid training. Make a difference in emergencies and promote public health with confidence and competence.

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