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Becoming an Instructor with Queen of Hearts CPR allows you to work independently, make good money, and empower others to saves lives!

Steps to becoming a Queen of Hearts Instructor:

To become an AHA Instructor candidate for BLS, ACLS, or PALS, you must have a current provider card in that discipline and be proficient in the skills of that discipline.  Please call (512)755-5531 for step-by-step guidance and to set up your Instructor Class.


  1. Complete AHA application to become an instructor included in the class

  2. Be accepted by a Training Center (Queen of Hearts CPR)

  3. Complete the Essentials Course for Instructors (INCLUDED IN OUR INSTRUCTOR CLASS))

  4. Conduct a class and be monitored teaching within 6 months of becoming an Instructor.

  5. You must purchase DVD ( and an instructor manual ( and bring manual to the Instructor Class.  


The CPR Instructor Course offered at Queen of Hearts CPR is an authorized American Heart Association (AHA) course. Queen of Hearts CPR is an America Heart Association Authorized Training Center.

  • The AHA has two types of CPR Instructors: HeartSaver Instructors and BLS Instructors.

  • Below we will detail the differences between the two types of instructors, explain how to become a CPR Instructor, the costs of being an instructor, and answer some frequently asked questions about CPR Instructor training.

  • AHA CPR Instructor classes are offered at our Leander Texas location 

BLS Instructor vs. HeartSaver Instructor

AHA offers two different CPR classes that target different professions or types of responders.

BLS stands for Basic Life Support which covers CPR/AED with advanced techniques for team rescuers.

AHA BLS is targeted towards licensed healthcare professionals and healthcare students who are required by their state licensing board or employer to have a CPR certification.

BLS Instructors are given the highest training of a CPR Instructor. As a BLS Instructor, an individual can teach all classes which include:

  • BLS Provider

  • HeartSaver CPR/AED

  • HeartSaver First Aid

  • HeartSaver Bloodborne Pathogens


HeartSaver is a family of classes that include CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

AHA HeartSaver courses are formatted for individuals working in a non-healthcare field who may be required to have a certification for their job

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